Saturday, March 10, 2012


Claude was wiped out.  He lay wrapped around Nora, catching his breath from the intensity of what she’d done to him.  The intensity and exertion of the game was not far behind that.  Yet he didn’t want to fall asleep.  Not only did he have a favor to return, but there was a fierceness about her that he hadn’t seen before tonight.

“I could see you from the ice,” he said quietly.  Soft dark strands of her hair drifted back into place as he brushed them from her neck.

“I couldn’t see anyone else when you were on the ice.  I’ve never watched a game like that before, fixated on one person.  It was intense.  It made me want to punch something or go running or...,” she paused, “or get to you.  As fast as I could.”

“Hmmm, I’ve discovered another weakness.”  The teasing in his voice didn’t match the triumphant smile on his face.  She wanted him, at least in that instance, as desperately as he wanted her.  Creepy and crazy were starting to look unlikely now that she was curled in his bed for the second time in three nights.

Claude was fascinated by beautiful women.  More than a few had been through his bedroom, or hotel room, or wherever, and he never got tired of trying to decode their perfection.  He liked slender but fit bodies - active, healthy.  When Nora drew her calves up against his shins, he felt the muscle flex and define, like she used those legs for something scandalous he might get to learn.  The way her rib cage whittled down into a narrow waist - it was like his own shape, the same ratios, but a hundred times more precise.  And his hand fit right into that curve.  That had to be magic.  He pressed his lips to her shoulder and closed his eyes.

Nora felt Claude’s breathing lighten, his chest rising and falling evenly.  He wasn’t a big guy but his arm was heavy around her side, his legs holding fast into their fitted position.  She guessed he could squat for hours and not even tremble.

He could see her from the ice.  She didn’t ask how often he’d looked.  But it did make her wish, just a little, that she’d stood up for that first goal.

I’m not cheering for the Flyers, she told herself.  I’m cheering for this.

She fell asleep too, drugged by the heat and weight of a very sexy man at her back.  Her phone was in her purse, which she hoped was in earshot or she’d be late to work in the morning.  Claude shifted, pulling her closer.

Don’t care about work, was her last waking thought.

It wasn’t her alarm that woke Nora.  It was Claude’s hand, cupping her breast, moving so slowly she thought he might still be asleep.  Then it continued downward across her stomach, giving him away.  Nora waited till he reached her navel before surprising him by parting her legs.

“Hmmm, morning,” he murmured, though it was nothing of the sort.  The room was dark, the bed was warm and it was a long time before either of them would have anywhere else to go.  Nora turned onto her back, brushing Claude’s growing erection.  He hissed at the contact.

“Sorry I fell asleep.  Big game, someone important was watching.”

Nora’s lips pursed, pinching back a smile. “At least we made it to the bed.”

They connected with a kiss, rolling into each other.  Already their bodies were lined up perfectly, moving of their own accord.  Nora had barely opened her legs before he was between them, tip of his cock prodding her slit.  She wasn’t surprised to find herself wet - no dreams that she could remember, but sleeping next to Claude Giroux was sexy enough to have her permanently turned on.  Pulling him into a kiss, she let it take her breath away as he spread her open and screwed himself slowly inside.

Claude murmured in French: things he could stop himself saying, things he hoped she couldn’t understand.  There were terms of endearment and explicit praise for the way it felt to bury his dick in her warm, forgiving body.  He stroked gently, savoring the thin line between sleep and sex, as she made soft noises beneath.  They were important tells, more weaknesses that he wanted so badly to remember, but Claude couldn’t focus on anything but the tight squeeze of being fitted together.

Nora wanted to come.  She’d been keyed up pleasuring Claude earlier, but something about sleeping so closely had her buzzing like a bug on a light.  He was moving wonderfully, stroking deep and even, but it would be a long, slow burn before she caught fire.  Nora couldn’t wait.

For a second, she thought about trying to roll herself.  Then she remembered who she was underneath.

“Let me lay on my stomach.”

Claude quickly obliged, thrilled that Nora would tell him what she wanted.  He felt a weak kick as the pleasure of her body disappeared.  But it was quickly better.  Nora rolled and Claude pressed himself back into her hot pussy, this time with the perfect rise of her ass in the equation.

“Ohhhyes,” he said softly.  The more of Nora’s smooth skin he felt, the better.

She agreed.  Claude felt bigger from this angle, his chest heavy against her back and the rough, sexy feeling that he was holding her down.  Nora wiggled her hand between her stomach and the mattress.  At the first fingertip touched her clit she sobbed out a tiny breath.

Claude felt herr buck slightly and his mouth fell right open.  A woman who said what she wanted was good.  A woman who wasn’t afraid to get it for herself was great.

This just gets better.

“Mmmm,” he said quietly.  “I want you to feel as good as I do.”

“You feel very good,” she promised.  Claude delivered a kiss to the top of her shoulder, just below the neck, and the sensation made her back arch and ass lift.

“Like that,” he requested and Nora kept her backside high as Claude pumped strongly.  Her breathing was already shortening.  “Are you close?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

It was too good to pass up.  He put his mouth right to her ear.  “I want to feel you come.”

She exhaled heavily.  Claude thrust again, hard but slow.  He wanted her to be so close she was spinning when he pushed her over the edge.  Again he drove home.

“So fucking sexy,” he continued to say right against her skin.  “You make me so hard, Nora.”

A whimper was all she could manage.  It was enough to be with him, enough that every stroke was the perfect promise of another, deeper one to follow.  But Claude talking dirty was....

“OhGod,” she said, working her fingers harder and more quickly against her clit.  She was right there, that moment between pushing through and coming hard or easing up and dragging out the flutter in her stomach.

“Fuck me, Nora.”  He was barely speaking.  “I want you so much.”

With a huge thrust, he forced her into the mattress and onto her own hand, rubbing furiously.  His cock bottomed out and he groaned at the same moment she moaned out and broke wide open.  It was almost painful, she burst so hard that the rush hit the roll head-on.  Her back curled with enough force to actually lift Claude, the orgasm bubbling between her hips and quickly spreading a tingle from her fingers to her toes.  When it flashed out she collapsed, gasping.

Claude couldn’t withstand the strong pulse of her pussy, clenching hard and throbbing.  With a feral noise of his own, he blew his load against the wet heat of her pleasure.  His arms wrapped around her and held tight as they both felt him drain his tank.  He pressed his sweaty forehead against the hair plastered to her neck.  

Nora was dazed.  Too much of everything - desire, hormones, the heavy breathing in her ear - threatened to sink her like a ship in a storm.  Every so often, the mayday call would beep, “Flyers, Flyers, Flyers.”  It was useless, she was going down.

A few minutes passed before either of them could move, and then Claude only rolled off and kept her in his arms.  She kissed his lips and watched that easy smile appear like a magic trick.  

He stole another kiss before asking, “What is your last name?”

Her alarm woke them both.  A good amount of twisting and clawing was needed to get either of them free from the tangled sheets and blankets - Claude finally got loose, climbed halfway out of bed and grabbed her bag.  She shut the alarm and considered throwing it out the open door into the hall.

“Work?” he asked.

She couldn’t answer.  He was sitting up, chest bare and hair a mess, leaning on one sculpted arm while he looked down over her.  It was girl-porn, even if you didn’t like hockey.  If you did... well, Nora was pretty sure as a photo, this could be all twelve months of a best-selling calendar.

“Yeah,” she made a face.

“I leave for a road trip today.  Just one game, be back on Thursday.”

Nora had been wondering if Claude would say something, or just go.  Then last night she’d been too busy to care.  “I know.  I may have printed out your schedule.”

That grin lit up his face and he dove on top of her, growling.  She squealed and pretended to fight him, but gave up when his mouth found hers with a kiss that quickly turned deep and serious.

“Can I call you on the way home?”

“Don’t crash the plane or anything, but yes.  Of course.”

He lay back, arms bent behind his head because he could tell she liked the way it made him look in bed.  Nora stuck her tongue out as she walked around the room, collecting pieces of her clothing.  Her body, still naked and perfect, made Claude want her to call in sick and lock the bedroom door.  She let him watch as she shimmied into her panties and jeans, slipped on her bra and found her sneakers.  Then he got up, pulled on his shorts from the day before and walked downstairs with her to find her sweater.

Clothes were sprayed all over the hallway - his jacket nowhere near his pants, both crumpled on the floor, his shirt and tie a ball in the corner.  Nora’s sweater had landed in the entrance to the kitchen.  She shook it out, pulled it on and thanked heaven it was too stretchy to show wrinkles.  Then she looked over at Claude, in his tight black boxer briefs, just leaning against the wall.

“You are stunning,” she said openly.

“I was thinking the same about you.”

She rolled her eyes but stepped right up and accepted his kiss, keeping her hands on his neck.  Any lower and they’d be back to tossing clothes into other rooms of the house.

“I need a ride,” she whispered.

“I know.”  But he made no move.

“You’re going to drive me like that?”

He smiled, her heart skipped.  “I was hoping to change your mind.”

Nora let her hand fall, running the back of one finger down between his pecs, pausing at his sternum, then drawing the fingertip slowly over his abs.  She stopped as her nail hooked into the elastic of his waistband, just barely.  

He’s going away.  I won’t have any of this for three days.

Claude watched her up close as she considered the options. Nora bit her bottom lip gently as she moved further south and Claude felt his cock twitch against the tightness of his underwear.  When she got to his waist, she hesitated.  He didn’t need more than that.

In a split second she was up against the nearest kitchen counter.  A pile of mail went flying to the floor as she tried to brace herself.  Claude hoisted her a few inches and pushed with his hips till Nora sitting on the edge.  He went right for her pants, unzipping and pulling as she lifted her ass just enough to get wrench off everything below the waist.

“You have ten minutes!” she said.

He had one of her ankles free.  “I only need four.”

Claude left her jeans and panties hanging from one foot.  She threw her sweater back where it had been.  With a grunt of satisfaction he ground his growing erection beneath the single layer of his shorts.  Nora’s hands were in his hair, clutching him into a kiss.  Without taking his lips away, Claude shoved his shorts down and rubbed the underside of his cock against her bare pussy.

Holy, shit, he thought.  His heart as pounding, blood rushing in his ears.  And it wasn’t just the rush of a quick fuck that had him revved up.

“Please,” she whispered.

Claude’s fingertips dented her skin as he held her to the spot and pushed himself inside.  She was soaked, ready for him like she’d been waiting all night.

Nora moaned.  No stopping it.  She shifted her hips to give him room, knowing he’d take everything and then some.  The hard muscles of his shoulders and back were quick beneath her hands - he wasn’t that wide but there was nothing to hold onto.  So she wrapped her arms around his neck and scooted closer. Her ankles locked behind his waist and Nora gave as good as she got.  For every thrust, she twisted her hips, extending the pull and push along his shaft until Claude was swearing in French.  She giggled and did it again.  He sank his teeth into the curve of her neck suddenly and sucked hard.  She hissed at the pain and he rammed home a deep, hard stroke that made her bare ass squeak against the counter top.  

Claude wanted to climb right up there with her but he was already close.  The four minute mark had passed.  Nora was panting too.  Using a handful of her hair to steer, Claude laid her back until she was stretched out before him.  She half-smiled, her eyelids fluttering as he stroked in and out.

The sight was gorgeous - her hair everywhere, breasts bouncing.  Claude pinched her nipple before running his hand over her stomach.  With his eyes on hers, he didn’t stop till his thumb pressed her clit.

“Oh God,” she said in a short, choppy gasp.

“Another weakness,” he teased.  The pad of his thumb was bigger than hers, slightly calloused.  He made tiny circles - light, hard, long short, right, left.  

Nora whimpered, arching her back and trying to go harder against his hand.  She was going to come so hard she’d need to go to work on a stretcher.  The taste of his kiss on her tongue was enough to give her three days of wet dreams.  But his hands on her hot button... she’d be in the bathroom once an hour reliving this breathless moment.

“Not yet,” he said.  Because he was close, and he knew what he wanted.  The only way to get him through three days without this.  He pulled his cock out painfully, hissing at the pounding of blood below his waist, and dropped to his knees.  At the first touch of his tongue, Nora screamed.

Her slit was slick and swollen, the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.  Nora tasted like honey.  He drove his tongue into her, dragged it flat and then wiggled the tip into her clit.  She was trembling.

“Come on, baby,” he said.  Then his fingers went back to work on her hard little button and his tongue worked the rest of the scene.

She was slipping.  Claude’s curls were soft between her fingers as he had his way between her legs.  The slow, velvety swirl of his tongue was making her see stars.  As he moved faster, so did his hand.  All she could do was pant his name.  She made a strangled noise at the tension that threatened to warp her spine, building at an impossible speed.  Long circles became short, flicking strokes to her clit.  

“Ohgod!”  Nora put her head back and let the orgasm run her down like a train, twisting her against the hard, cold counter and banging her heels.  Claude gripped her thighs and held them open, face still buried in her pussy, lapping and milking her for every last drop.  She didn’t even hear herself moaning.

Through half-closed eyes she saw Claude get to his feet.  He gave her a cocky smile and went balls-deep on the first stroke.  He could have come three times while rolling his tongue around her pussy, but he’d fought it off.  Now he needed to go hard and heavy.

“Fuuuuuck,” he groaned as he slapped his thighs against her ass.  She made a breathless noise.  Claude hauled her up to sitting, her eyes a little unfocused.  He crushed that perfect mouth with a kiss and let Nora taste herself on his lips.  It took a moment before she greedily, hungrily kissed him back.  That did it.

Claude growled right against her mouth and buried his cock.  He came in a hot spurt,chest roaring as he filled her body with his desire.  Then he collapsed, sprawled across her and the kitchen counter.

“Wow,” Nora said, shaking weakly with the last jitters of her orgasm.

“You can go to work now,” Claude lifted his head and smiled at her.  “That should get me through three days without you.”


  1. So good! I was so excited to see an update for this--really making me like Claude with this one!

  2. Reading this after that shootout goal tonight? I can't. I. Just. Can't.

  3. Okay so after watching him play last night and then reading this story, I really wish I was Norah! Love it <3